1- Nicknamed gombo in Western Africa, or ladies’ fingers in English-speaking countries, okra (US term) can be used as a condiment or a vegetable, cooked or raw. 

2- Okra is famous in Africa, but most of its production comes from Asia (India and Pakistan)

3- Okra is said to have been imported and spread in America during the 18th century by the first slaves taken from Africa.

4- Eat okra, it is a cure for tiredness.

5- Okra is full of vitamin B and C, calcium and dietary fibers. Eating it daily is beneficial.

6- It has multiple health benefits: it defends against diabetes, cholesterol, arterial hypertension, and even promotes weight loss because its fibers help you to feel full for longer.

7- Studies have shown that consuming okra during pregnancy provides vital vitamins and antioxidants for the baby and his/her growth.

8- You’ve probably had okra with chicken, in sauce or in salad but you may be delighted to discover okra curry if you visit India.

9- If you visit the Ivory Coast, you will witness okra’s popularity beyond cooking: a comic strip called “Cauphy Gombo” (French name for okra) tells the story of a greedy businessman trying to rip off every single man around him.

10- Okra can also control and abate asthma, especially among children.