Give your hair what they need during the winter season! Afro hair is always dry, but even dryer in the winter season. Using the right product helps maintaining moisture and managing your hair. The primary role of the conditioner is to nourish your hair after having washed them. You can also use the conditioner to wash your hair instead of a shampoo, which is called co-wash. It is supposed to be less aggressive for hair and scalp. Some conditioners are called “leave-in conditioner”. They aim at feeding hair and maintaining it in shape over the day, without greasing or smelling. Depending on your goal, you will opt for different kinds of ingredients to build your homemade conditioner.

1.Moisturizing deep-conditioner for dry hair
The secret ingredient: Greek yoghurt
Instructions: Whip the yoghurt until smooth, then add castor and coconut oil (1 tablespoon each) and add an egg. Apply the mixture to your hair, cover with a cup and rinse thoroughly after one hour. Don’t use heat if you don’t want the egg to cook in your hair. 
Result: your hair is shiny and fortified, thanks to the protein in the Greek yoghurt.

2.Co-Wash appropriate conditioner for itchy scalp
The secret ingredient:sesame seed oil
Instructions: you do not need to mix the whole co-wash conditioner by yourself. You can refine an existing one. Make sure to use a silicone-free one as a basis. Mix 50 ml of natural soap to 200ml of sulfate free conditioner. Add peppermint oil (5 drops), tee tree oil (5 drops) and our secret ingredient (, some) sesame seed oil (12 drops). Use the mixture as a shampoo.
Result: Thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal effect of sesame seed oil, the bacteria causing the itching are killed. 

3.Leave-in conditioner for defined, glossy curls
The secret ingredient:Glycerin to define curls
Instructions: Fill a spray bottle to 90% with bottled water. Mix one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin in, as well as the same aloe vera and castor oil (one tea spoon each). Spray your hair damp and style your curls as often as needed.
Results: The mixture moisturizes your curls within seconds, giving them definition and bounce even in winter.