Although, in Africa, things seem to have returned to normal after the Corona Virus pandemic, certain measures are still been taken to prevent a relapse. Many companies that embraced the remote work strategy during the lockdown have now seen that work can be done equally as effective from home. Some companies have continued to encourage their staff to work from home. Do you also work remotely currently? Here 5 home-office must-haves to ensure your productivity.

Your Computer

This is literally a given but also a worthy mention. Few if any small business owners who have the ability to work from home can complete their work without a computer. Do your research so you select one that meets your specific needs. Consider a laptop if you intend to create a mobile office in addition to your home office, or if your work often involves visiting clients’ or customers’ locations.

A Good Chair

A comfortable chair is one of the most important components of any office, so take time and care to select and invest in a good one. Making do with your regular living room couch will have a negative impact on your back as you will possibly remain in a perpetual slouch. Again, ergonomics and comfort count, so make sure you test the chair before making a purchase.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A UPS provides backup power for a limited time in case your electricity goes out. This is critical to the level of productivity you are able to attain during remote work. Your onsite office may have backup power supply and so should you. It can give you some useful buffer time to save your work and safely shut down your equipment. In most parts Africa, 24-hour electricity is not guaranteed so having a UPS becomes paramount.

A File Cabinet

I know, a file cabinet is perceived as an office furniture but now that the home if your office, there’s a need for one. Even if it’s your aim to be paperless, there are always some hard copy documents you’ll need to hang onto. The best place to store these documents so you’re able to find them is in a well-organized file cabinet. That way, you are assured that an important document does not get misplaced or accidentally destroyed.

Houseplants and Views of Nature

Besides aesthetics, there are many reasons to have houseplants in your home office. Put a plant on your desk and a few in the room. The bit of oxygen they provide will make you more alert. Viewing nature helps you to feel calm, refreshed, and opens your mind creatively. Connect with nature when you need to take a break from your screen. If you don’t have a nice view, photos of sweeping vistas, forests, and fields of flowers, or a mirror reflecting a window behind you, will do the trick.

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