The rainy season is here, and we all agree that it is a sigh of relief and something to uplift the mood in this challenging period. While the beauty of fresh breeze and refreshing rains unfortunately, it might also be taking away the lustre from your hair. This season are known to make your hair limp, lifeless and heavy. Hair also gets frizzy due to the high levels of humidity. Don’t let the rainy season take a toll on your fro. Follow these five tips of African hair care during rainy season.

Keep Your Hair Clean

It’s important to keep the hair and the scalp clean during this season. Cleanse your scalp and hair thoroughly with a good shampoo, suitable for your hair type. Do not forget to condition your hair with a nourishing and hydrating conditioner.

Keep your hair dry

While it maybe be tempting to step out in the rain or you may actually get caught in it, remember that as soon as you step inside your home, take the time out to wash and dry your hair. Excess moisture on the scalp is like inviting infection. Another hair care tip is to avoid tying your hair if it’s wet.

Use the right comb

In all season, it is important to use the right kind of comb. Especially if you are dealing with wet hair, use a wide tooth comb because it will ensure that your hair doesn’t break and get damaged.

Protective Hairstyles

During the rainy season, go for hairstyles which are fuss-free and help in preventing tangles and frizz. Some of the hairstyles we would recommend for the season are a neat bun, a creative tidy braid etc.

Avoid If You Can

Although staying home is strongly recommended in the present situation, but in case you step out, make sure you take safety measures for yourself and remain careful about your hair. Use hoods, scarves, umbrella, or caps for keeping your hair covered and dry. You can also carry a small hairdryer in your bag to dry your hair in case you get stuck in rains.

Here’s a video that may provide more insight.