Deontay Wilder has always been outspoken about his support of the oppressed and under served communities of color in America. His viral clip of “till this day” etches in everyone’s mind his passion for Social causes and his support of his people of Color.

Deontay’s will was put to the test losing the Heavyweight Championship of the World to Tyson Fury in the most public fashion, but the defeat wasn’t the end of his story. In triggering his rematch clause the 6 foot 7 inch Wilder channeled his inner African Warrior on the cover of Afropolitain Magazine signaling what would be his mentality for the 3rd fight.

Shooting in New York, Deontay wore several traditional African garbs from both West Africa and Southern Africa. The shoot channeled his warrior spirit as well as the strength of African Kings.

Deontay is using this as an opportunity to signal that he will not be accepting defeat.