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BANLIEUSARDS, un film écrit par Kery James, réalisé par Leïla Sy et Kery James. Disponible sur Netflix le 12 octobre à partir de 20h.

We are not doomed to failure, that’s the anthem of the struggling Commuters and proud to be! I wrote the hymn of the strugglers. Those who do not always do what is expected of them and do not always say what you want to hear from them. Because life is not hassle-free for those from above as well as for those from below, if you do not accept this, you’re a coward, get up and walk.”

This is how French rap artist Kery James debuted in 2008 with his hymn to “Banlieusards“.

Today in 2019, the artist of the 9-4 – a suburb of Paris – is a figurehead of the French rap scene who has nothing to prove in this area. Now he is wearing different hats as an actor and a director – landing on October 12th on Netflix his first film “Banlieusards” co-directed with Leila Sy.

Banlieusards, octobre 12th, 2019 on Netflix

Without clichés served and warmed over by the media in the run-up to the elections. The native of Les Abymes, a town located in French Caribbean island Guadeloupe, highlights the suburbs, HIS suburbs, focusing on the story of three brothers whose fates and personalities opposed and yet so close.
Demba (Kery James), the eldest, lives to the rhythms of the street and its various businesses. Soulaymaan (Jammeh Diangana), a brilliant law student, is about to take part in a debate on “the responsibility of the state in the current situation of the suburbs” during the final round of a famous eloquence competition. Their little brother Noumouke (Bakary Diombera), 15, is still trying to chart his path, influenced by that followed by his two older brothers.

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Kery James – Banlieusards – Photo John Waxxx – Les Films Velvet

A family story, choice and eloquence that take place in the suburbs as I know them and as you will recognize, without cliché, without caricature or attempted subversion. I was tired of seeing the same ones take hold of our stories. So I wrote my own script, portrayed our lives … ” This is how Kery James sums up his movie as “J’accuse” on his Instagram account.

In short, with a scenario as sharp and pungent as a punch by Muhammad Ali, the man who “makes classics” is about to break new doors to the strength of his talent.
Pride, Courage, Honor, Nobility. That’s what […]” AFROPOLITAN wishes to Mr. James.

À l’ombre du show business – Banlieusards – Kerry James
Kery James – Les yeux mouillés (feat. Youssoupha)
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