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Finding a Good Balance Between Your Husband and Your Child

Being a couple is a challenge in itself because one must take care of each other and it’s getting more complicated with the arrival of a child.

The balance with the children requires harmony between the parents. The first thing, the very first step is of course communication, the cornerstone in a couple’s relationship and even more importantly, in a couple with children. It is crucial for a couple to strive to find this balance between their own time and their children’s. Especially since there is nowadays a new phenomenon called “over parenting”, which describes the feeling of guilt that some parents have when they are thinking of making their own time. However, the only condition for the child to be happy is if his parents are happy as well, the main recipe that one must follow is inevitably looking for the individual happiness.

The foundation of a relationship is a union of desires and expectations. 

We need to remember that we were individuals before crossing a psychological level by putting ourselves in a relationship with another person. The foundation of a relationship is a union of desires and expectations, aspirations, feelings and emotions contained in each. It’s quite a mixture of heterogeneous things. One must already be clear with each other about how each person stands within the couple, which is why we cannot say enough that communication is important.

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Finally, we should, in no case, neglect our duty to be role models and examples to our cherubs. It means that children are looking up to their parents. That is why it is very important to take the time, or at least be aware of the need to find it to be happy.

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