According to recent research, published in the Journal of the American College of
Cardiology and Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, jogging may extend your lifespan for
up to three years.

In order to make jogging an exercise that helps you live longer, how many days, hours, and minutes per week should you jog?

No more than 15-30min a day has benefits on longevity. With the life-extending powers plateauing at about five to six hours of jogging per week. 

An African American jogging in a park in the morning

Also, you might wonder why jogging is more beneficial than running?

According to Cardiologist Dr. Peter Schnohr, high intensity running or strenuous exercise can add unnecessary stress to your cardiovascular system.

He states that: “If your goal is to decrease the risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy. Anything more is not just unnecessary, it may be harmful. Higher doses of running are not only unnecessary but may also erode some of the remarkable longevity benefits conferred by lower doses of running.”

Too much strenuous physical activity in general can be harmful. Studies have shown that people who exercised strenuously five to seven times a week were at an increased risk for vascular disease. When compared to those who exercise strenuously two to four times a week.

In addition jogging, other mild exercises such as walking, cycling, and swimming can be beneficial.