The Digital Society Agency debuted its second edition of the FORUM DU LUXE on November 23, 24 and 25, 2022 in the very chic neighborhood of Cocody, the economic capital of Ivory Coast.

The event, with the theme “the challenges of luxury and a connected world in Africa,” brought together more than 300 participants from the continent, 36 speakers with more than 10 international sponsors such as Accor, Lanvi and Suki Suki.

For this new edition, Hapsatou Doro, Managing Director of the Digital Society Agency and founder of the Luxury Forum, had the ambition to highlight the African artisan heritage. Young creators and players in the international luxury sector have shown the richness and authenticity of African know-how.

“Three intense days where experiences, challenges and development of shared action plans at the global level were discussed through conferences.”

In the program:

– Digital Native and Web3: combining luxury and the connected world

– Paradigm of a New: the search for ethical and environmentally friendly production over the years to come.

– Distribution & e-Commerce: define the best eco-friendly distribution model

– Training and Know-How: supporting African crafts and creative minds

– Architecture and contemporary design: link between architecture and luxury.

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