His name is Sound Sultan, he is an entertainer, musician, producer, songwriter, movie producer, basketball administrator, ball player. A multitasker.

Is it true that you were invited to dinner by the queen? Did you ever imagine music would take you that far?
I went to London to see the queen, that’s something I will always cherish. Seeing that the work you do has been appreciated globally…I could never imagine music would take me this far and I’m not ever there yet.

You have a geography planning degree, when did you realize that you wanted to do music for a living? 
I realized I loved music in secondary school, it became professional while in university. I felt like: hey I can make money from this!

What artist were you looking up to as a kid?
A couple of them Sade, Fela, Wyclef and the fugees and my brother Papa Dee, he took me there. And of course Bob Marley.

You are browsing from one genre to another, how would you describe your music?
I’d say it is a mixture of what I listened to growing up as a kid. 

Musical careers works in short cycles of few years, maybe months, how do you explain your longevity?
Can not explain it, I think there is a Divine intervention.

Can you tell us more about your work as a U.N ambassador?
I am amplifying whatever good message has been passed around by
the U.N. 

You are a basketball fan, I heard you even own a team in Lagos. What do you bring to the table: Professionalism? Showtime? Glamour? And do you play basketball yourself?
I am not a fan, I’m a basketballer. I have played professionally and yes I am part owner of Lagos Islander and administrator of the new Africa basketball league. I wanted to take basketball so far when I was a kid to the NBA.