Tyla received an overwhelming amount of success from her breakout single, “Water.” This led to her accepting an award at the Grammys this year, where the Recording Academy offered an inaugural award for the African Music genre, titled “Best African Music Performance,” which she won. The award made her the youngest African artist to win a Grammy. Riding the momentum of her success, Tyla released her debut self-titled album, “TYLA,” on March 22.

As an African artist, Tyla has helped to put the spotlight on Afrobeats, the African Music genre and the continent where she calls home, Africa. One of the singles off her debut album “TYLA,” shines a bright light on the vibrancy of her hometown, Johannesburg. She stages a street party that highlights the culture, the sounds, the people and the sights of the South African location. Watch the video below, as she takes you through her version of Johannesburg.

“Jump” – Tyla (Featuring Gunna and Skillibeng)