Following a third encounter of an extreme activity by an aspiring actor/actress to get featured in a Tyler Perry movie; Perry proceeded to address the matter on his social media outlets.

This incident was said to have been triggered by the recent bill board a certain actress; Racquel Bailey put up of what some will call an open ‘self-advert’, directed at Mr Perry.

Perry in addressing this new trend, emphasized firstly that the act was no way to get his attention, stating that auditions for Tyler Perry productions are free and remain the only channels for the selection of character representations in form of actors.

Perry concluded by stating that rather than the intended outcome, acts like this usually got the opposite, as they belittle his perception of the said perpetrator.

Beneath is a collage of the contents of Perry’s communication, as well as the contents of the bill:

Have you come across a similar bill? What are your thoughts on this act? Do you perceive this to be courage; perhaps a perfect definition of the famous ‘go for what you want’ and ‘Chase your dreams’ or you think this is outright stupidity? We would love to know in the comment session.