Black With Sugar

#AFROPOLiTAiN #bussit #ericabanks Breaking down the Lyrics “Buss it”🤪 What the hell is this song is about? Black with Sugar Podcast 9

↪️ In Episode 9, Nadia and Keziah are having fun. Watch them trying to decipher the lyrics of Erica Banks’s song “Buss it” featuring Travis Scott. The song became popular on Instagram and TikTok through the success of the “Buss it” challenge. Hence made our two hosts curious about the meaning of the song, but please don’t rely on their interpretation of the lyrics 🤦🏾‍♀️ !! Although this episode was not meant to be comical 🤣 it is extremely hilarious to watch them trying to make sense of it without being familiar with the “slang” it uses. ↪️ Their approach is totally genuine and a true moment of delight for the audience. Watch it!! And don’t forget to tell us how you would interpret these lyrics!!

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