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Sankara, Le Rebelle: Sennen Andriamirado

Sennen Andriamirado tries to depict a man driven by an ideal – the Revolution – but with its faults and shortcomings. Together with his three sidekicks, Jean-Baptiste Lingani, Henri Zongo and Blaise Compaoré, Thomas Sankara with his famous shocking saying “Woe to those who gag the people!”, would live and would bring this dear revolution to life to his compatriots. Sankara, le rebelle is a must-read and to be recommended to others! Sennen Andriamirado, who was also taken in his prime, did a superb job of memory recollection!

Un Destin Pour L’Afrique: Abdoulaye Wade

No subject is left untouched: philosophy, culture, economics, the main lines of pan-Africanism, the birth of the United States of Africa, through a single currency, the misdeeds of international financial institutions such as The IMF and the World Bank on the so-called “third world countries” at the time (now they are tending towards emergence sic!). With the zest of megalomania and vanity that we know of him, Abdoulaye Wade draws the parameters of a new Africa, an Africa which outlines must be drawn by us all for a brilliant future!

Singapour Millionnaire: Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians pplunges us into this delusional sphere. Nicholas (Nick) Young and Rachel Chu are a couple of Sino-Americans, both professors at a university who had been together for two years. In appearance only… because Nick is the heir of one of the biggest and oldest families in Singapore, an awesome prospect that all mothers would dream of seeing their daughters married to. But Rachel was having none of it. A sort of Pride and Prejudice in the Chinese version, pretty much. A refreshing book that can be read in one sitting. I devoured it within three days!

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