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How A Choir From The Rural Village Of Moutse, Limpopo Became The Unofficial Ambassadors Of A United Africa

Since its origin, a small choir from the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo in South Africa has been inspiring communities, its people and their youth. The Ndlovu Care Group, an organization that exists for the sole purpose of developing the Moutse community through programs that promote education, healthcare, and childcare, created a vehicle for the young people of the same region to express themselves using the most powerful instrument in the world, one’s voice. Dr. Hugo Tempelman who is the Dutch doctor behind the Ndlovu Care Group (also the CEO), founded the organization in 1994, and created the choir in 2009. The choir represents an avenue for the youth to grow out of poverty, to find their voice and rise up to be more than they thought possible. Being part of the choir improves their confidence, brings out their talent and takes them to places they never thought they could travel.

From the obscurity of a rural village that most people have never heard of (population 3,000), these young men and women have risen to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world, America’s Got Talent, in front of tens of millions of global viewers on television and online. They have become internet phenomenons, with their videos going viral several times over with over one million plus views.

As the choir’s stars are on this ongoing rise to recognition and notoriety, their collaboration with Grammy Award Winning flutist Wouter Kellerman on the Ed Sheeran “Shape Of You” song, in October 2018, now has hit over four million views and counting.

Now, just a year later, the choir has hit international stardom with their America’s Got Talent appearance that took them over the edge. Their talent exuded through each performance and earned them the unofficial title of “young ambassadors of a united Africa” which they used in a post on Twitter. With publications calling the young people’s choir the “Pride of the Nation,” the harmonious sound of their voices carried them all the way to the finals.

Although the Ndlovu Youth Choir did not go home with the grand prize, they got so much more — global respect, recognition and the experience of a lifetime. Upon their return to their beloved home, they received a welcome fit for a king.

In addition, the Ndlovu Youth Choir even earned themselves a record deal with America’s Got Talent’s executive producer and arguably the best judge of talent, Simon Cowell.

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This is just the beginning for Ndlovu Youth Choir. The accolades are beginning to pour in as they just announced that they won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for “Best Independent Music Video” for their work on the Zulu version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” in collaboration with Wouter Kellerman, the acclaimed and Grammy Award winning flutist.

To hear more from the Ndlovu Youth Choir, you can find their music on their website. Look out for their album, it releases on the 29th of November.

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