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African Flowers

Acacia Sénégal

Delonix regia
Otherwise called Flame Tree or Paradise Flower, the Delonix regia is a notable African tree whose commonplace red blossoms have made it effectively unmistakable around the world. It is native to Madagascar but also grows throughout Africa, the Caribbean as well.

The Delonix Regia belongs to the Fabaceae family and can reach eighteen meters tall. It can cope with drought and was a source of shade in public places, farms and plantations. Delonix comes from Greek words ‘delos’ (visible) and ‘onuks’ (claw), while ‘regia’ comes from the Latin ‘regius’ (royal).

Delonix Regia

Aloe Vera
If you take a trip to Northern or Southern Africa, you will be able to observe the miracle that plant. This plant produces yellow flowers (sometimes red) and bears a fruit that looks like a cap. In South Africa, Aloe Vera is found in the Karoo region. The Aloe Vera plant has a very long history. It was originally used in antiquity in places like Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece for medicine.

Nowadays, its virtues are still applauded. In the United States, scientists discovered that survavoirs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies in 1945, were mainly those who had used drugs conceived from Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera

Acacia Senegal
The Acacia Senegal belongs to the Fabaceae family. Also called Senegalia Senegal or white gum tree, it grows in Sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike the baobab tree, it is much smaller, reaching only three to six meters tall. Acacia Senegal can even use its gum as a natural bandage for injury to renew its bark.

Humans have found other uses for its gum, exploiting it for textiles, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. Gum production is only possible in the dry season, from to March, if the tree is at least six years old.

Acacia Senegal

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