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Hanita Mvuemba flaunts new collections on 3D digital show

Designer Hanita Flaunts New Collections On 3D Digital Show
Designer Hanita Flaunts New Collections On 3D Digital Show

Congolese designer Hanita Mvuemba flaunts her new collections on an Instagram live show.

Her rationale behind the new media presentation is not behind the CoronaVirus pandemic that has caused lockdown on several countries to which some are still on movement restrictions, but she has always planned for a digital show, reports the Teen Vogue Generation Next alum.

 “I want these pieces to tell a story of meaning. I want them to remind us to be intentional about what we create. Not for clout or for Instagram likes, but for the sake of meaning what we say by storytelling through our designs.”  Hanifa said as some of her designs were symbolic to Congolese life and National heritage.


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