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Abuja Airport Installs AI Robots to Scan Passengers, Take Body Temperature

Following the countdown to the resumption of domestic flights by Nigeria’s Aviation industry amid COVID-19 global pandemic, the Namndi Azikiwe International Airport in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja has mounted two robots with artificial intelligence (AI) features to improve the safety of passengers.

To further carry out a dry run test to that effect, a demo flight between Abuja and Lagos was conducted on Saturday by the airport as it observed compliance with safety measures put in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Also, hand wash and sanitizers were provided, temperature checks were conducted, and the rules of physical distancing were enforced.


To ensure that Social distancing is strictly adhered, the Airport departure lounge and seats have been rearranged to increase spacing and instructions are placed to discourage passengers from using certain seats to urge them to maintain physical distance from others.

One of the high points of the dry run rest was  the introduction of AI robots by Aerokeys Nigeria, an aviation service company, which successfully performed facial recognition.

The robots will also be used to reduce human contacts by performing repetitive tasks such as measuring body temperature, screening passengers, managing and sharing flight information, and generally enhancing compliance with the new airport protocols.

‘‘If they observe passengers with high temperatures attempting to board a plane, they will sound an alarm and identify the persons, the chief executive officer of Aerokeys Nigeria, Satumari Kudla told journalists.’’

What’s your thought on this innovative idea by the Nigerian Aviation industry?

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