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Amfa Beauty! Made in Africa

Amfa Beauty
Amfa Beauty Founder Awa Mballo Tall

1. How did you come up with the name “Amfa?

Amfa are the initials of people who are dear to me.

2. What motivated you to create a product line despite the wide selection of cosmetic products on the market?

Cosmetics, makeup in particular, have always fascinated me. Since I was young I have liked to combine colors and study the different possible makeup textures.

3. In response to the previous question, what advantage do you think Amfa Beauty has over other beauty products?

Amfa makes highly pigmented products, suitable for all skin tones. Our products are of high quality and accessible to all women who want to look beautiful.

Amfa Beauty

4. You mentioned that your mom was one of the inspirations to start this business, how important do you think beauty is to the average African woman and how your brand is helping to promote confidence?

Indeed, my mother has always been a reference for me in all areas. Her passion for makeup rubbed off on me very early on (laughs). I think women in general are very beautiful with or without makeup. The latter can help increase self-confidence. In my opinion, all women who use Amfa beauty are confident and ambitious women.

5. Amfa Beauty products are of course made with quality materials and quality is known to be expensive. How do you offer quality products at affordable prices?

Amfa made the choice from the start to be demanding on quality.  To establish the brand well and benefit the greatest number of women and young ladies, we have reduced our margins as much as possible.

Amfa Beauty

6. What is your favorite Amfa Beauty product and why?

Difficult question (laughs) I love them all. But I am in love with the Alyah perfume and the “Marylin Red” lipstick. The Alyah perfume because it is an Oriental and chic blend that I really like. I love the Marylin red lipstick because every woman should have a “red” lipstick in her beauty bag.

7. Would you consider expanding the brand with, for example, skin care products?

Yes, we have already launched the Am’care by Amfa beauty cosmetic line which includes a cleansing and makeup remover foam, a hyaluronic acid serum, a pink clay mask and a tonic lotion with rose water. We also launched Amfa lifestyle with a unisex collection of sunglasses.

Amfa Beauty

8. What would be your ultimate dream to achieve with Amfa Beauty?

For me, the dream would be for all women to recognize themselves through amfa beauty and for our brand to be known all over the world as a leading brand that can be found in major store such as sephora, the Galeries Lafayette, Nordstrom, Mayc’s , Harrods …

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