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Sex! The talk we never have in African homes! Abuse, unsafe abortions…! Black with Sugar Podcast 8

➡️ In the Episode 8 of Black with Sugar Keziah and Nadia tackle a difficult subject which is” Sex and its taboo in African homes”. ➡️ Although they come from different countries, Sex was and still is a subject never approached at home. Like a dirty secret everyone knew but no one wanted to talk about it .Through their personal or shared experiences, Keziah and Nadia address the consequences of these taboos, sometimes sharing funny stories and some emotional ones. From a cousin who knew absolutely nothing about sex to the friend who was beat up for having a boyfriend, abortions and so much more. They didn’t shy away from any topic… ➡️ This is definitely a “must watch” on your list as the taboo around Sex concerns all of us Africans. ↪️ List of some orphanages❤️ in Morocco most of them have sponsorship on their web page and they accept any type of donation: … orphelinat ↪️ Since there is an ongoing orphan crisis all over Africa here is the link to an association which operates in several countries:…

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