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The Best Regimen For Glowing Skin, According To The New Beauty Standard: The Influencer

Gone are the days when the only authority on skin care were dermatologists, skin care professions, outrageous salons and the expensive counters at the department stores and shopping malls. Today, in this digital age, we have a plethora of opportunities to get the knowledge we need. Women, and men, are finding the right cocktail of products and techniques that work for their perfect combination of skin. Now, it may become expensive trying this product and that technique, there is an aspect of trial and error that needs to be taken into account. Yet, even with these financial attributes that can lead to the perfect skincare regimen, it still beats what people had to do in previous decades. That may be why some of the door-to-door salesmen type products soared. Women, especially, wanted a product demonstration and an opportunity to try the regimen before committing to it. Today, this type of business has grown into peer-to-peer selling through social media.

Many people today, find their favorite YouTube or social media influencer and get tips and advice straight from their experiences. A lot of times, the influencers have already gone through the trial and error period and are ready to share their results with their audiences. This takes out some of the guesswork and helps people who tune into their channels get a perfect guide to their own skincare regimen.

One of the rising and successful influencers that many have grown to love and who has shown up on the radar, is Dimma Umeh. She lives in Nigeria and has racked up an impressive community that includes over 300 thousand subscribers. She posts videos each week and has become a favorite of those who tune into her content weekly. Below, she talks about the secret to her glowing skin and just how she is able to achieve it. Watch as she goes through her routine and her favorite combination of products.

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