ABS Progression Plan
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For each drill, please execute between 20 and 30 reps. Progression Plan:

1. Hip raise:

Lock your knee and raise your hip off the ground. Keep your legs at 90 degrees and never bend your knees. 

2. Cross to a prayer:

Lay on your back, arms down and legs straight in a cross position. Raise the entire body with knees to the chest and hands together in front of your face, like in a prayer position. Repeat without shoulder blades or legs touching the ground. 

3. Plank with a hip twist

While in a push-ups position facing down, squeeze the gluts, lock the elbows and rock the hips side to side without ever relaxing the abs or the gluts. 

4. One legged, leg raise

keep one leg straight, and place the opposite foot on the knee. Raise the leg at 90 degrees and do a crunch with arms locked behind the head. Keep looking up with your chin aiming at the ceiling at all times. Make sure that the bent knee is relaxed at dead weight. 

5. Plank with one arm reach

While in a push up position facing down, extend one arm directly in front of you. Alternate between arms. Make sure you are not rocking the hips while doing this. 

6. Star fish hold

Lay down on your back, arms and legs wide open, raise harmoniously, head, shoulders, both arms and both legs off the ground and hold for one or two minutes if you are a champion without touching the ground.