The Former Malian president, Boubacar Keita who was forced out in a military overthrow a month ago has been hospitalized at a private center, strengthening fears about the 75-year-old’s wellbeing in the wake of being confined for 10 days by the junta.

Keita’s condition was not immediately known, and it was unclear whether he would be evacuated abroad for medical treatment given the circumstances.

His hospitalization was confirmed to The Associated Press by two people at the clinic who spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to journalists.

Nouhoum Sarr, one of the leaders of the M5 Rally for the Patriotic Forces movement expressed concern and sent well wishes, “Beyond the political differences we may have had, the humanitarian issue transcends all of this. He is a compatriot, he is a human being. We wish him good health and a quick recovery in our own establishment and we believe that if the specialists in our country do not allow his health to be taken care of, beyond any political consideration, then he can be evacuated.”

Officials from the junta, called the National Committee for the Salvation of the People, had said Keita was only being held at the barracks for his own protection. A protest movement against Keita’s presidency saw tens of thousands demonstrate in the streets in the months leading up to his overthrow.