Embracing music as her destined call at a single digit age opened MAAD’s eyes to her own limitless potential as an artist, setting her on a lifelong path of self-discovery, determination and relentless drive.

The New York-born, New Jersey-raised artist became enamored by the art of self-expression growing up, finding inspiration in her mother’s charismatic work as a stylist and her father’s talents as a musician.

Maad shot by Tatiana Katkova
Maad shot by Tatiana Katkova

What was your experience like during the 2020 unprecedented quarantine ? 

Quarantine has forced me outside of my comfort zone on so many levels. I feel like I’ve had to quickly put together new strategies and ways to keep myself on track. Like so many of my peers and other artists, all of our upcoming shows and gigs were cancelled. So I’ve spent some time readjusting but I know i’m on the right track. 

One thing I’ve learned about myself at this time is my ability to think outside the box and be as creative as I want to be. I’ve finally had time to focus on learning the guitar, i’ve been taking daily voice lessons. Shot visuals on my camcorder, had a friend of mine at Winston Studios build photo sets in his apartment for my Ep ‘Eventually Pt. 1‘ cover art and just brushing up on everything from growing more in my business to understanding more of my own history. This time has put me face to face with myself and I appreciate the new growth. 

What are some ways you found to cope ? 

I’ve discovered I really love road trips and nature, it’s helped me clear my mind. Meditating has also become part of my daily routine and has helped me center myself before I start my day. 

This project was about the quarantine but as we are going to press senseless murders of unarmed black people has us in an unrest, what would be your message to black sisters and brothers out there ? 

My message has and will always be to keep your heads up! We are a strong group of people, we’re a new breed of people and we are progressive even when it feels like the odds are against us. We gon’ be alright. 

Maad shot by Tatiana Katkova

What are some ways you think, us, as the black community can affect real positive change ? 

For one, I can see change happening every day and feel like our voices and energy are being felt. Although it’s not everything we want to see happen all at once we will indeed get there. Within the past month we’ve gotten justice for some of our brothers and sisters that were murdered at the hands of police brutality and we’re now seeing new police reforms being passed.

This doesn’t mean our jobs are done but it shows you that people are listening and it’s so important to keep that energy going. It’s sad that this is even a discussion but things must change and they will. 

Maad shot by Tatiana Katkova

As a musician what kind of “social impact” would you like your art to have ?

I want people to feel inspired, uplifted and loved. The first two singles off of my upcoming release both touch on what we’re currently going through. ‘Get By’ was written with the current state of the world in mind and the need for change and ‘Eventually’ is all about getting to your destination no matter how difficult the journey. No matter the obstacle we will get there eventually. 

Remote/Facetime Photography Tatiana Katkova @photo_tatianakatkova
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