Mereba is a multi-faceted musician with the life story of a young rolling stone. Her unique blend of genres sets the stage for a new sound that Mereba has handcrafted as a singer, songwriter, rapper, guitarist, and producer

Mereba Shot by Tatiana Katkova (Remotely taken/FaceTime)

What was your experience like during the 2020 unprecedented quarantine ?

Well, my initial experience was like a lot of people’s, you know. Suddenly out of the work that pays me, and inside for long stretches of time. I had to come back to self and I’ve been a rolling stone a long while. I had waves of anxiety, especially at the beginning, but over time I honestly began to settle into the unknown as far as Covid goes, because I was tired of being so restless about it.

What are some ways you found to cope ?

Reading, writing at any given time in any sort of way… cooking, dancing, sitting in the sun in the back of my building and burning one, having really thoughtful conversations with my loved ones, and watching TV shows that bring me joy.  I can’t help but stay up-to-date with information too even though it stresses me out, it’s just the kind of person that I am.

Mereba Shot by Tatiana Katkova (Remotely taken/FaceTime)

This project was about the quarantine but as we are going to press senseless murders of unarmed black people has us in an unrest, what would be your message to black sisters and brothers out there ?

For uprisings to start happening during this pandemic, to be honest, it’s a moment that I think is completely necessary in our movement towards black liberation. It seems like finally the world is waking up to the terrorism that has been a part of black existence for so long, in this country, Yes, but also across the African diaspora.

And we’ll need the same steam and conviction as we continue to push things forward. We’re at the beginning of a new era. That’s what I would say to my people. Do not grow weary because we are only at the beginning. Start educating yourselves, sharpening your minds, bodies and most importantly your spirits.

Take time to sit with yourself and meditate even if it’s for a few minutes and ask ancestors for their support and for them to surround you. Really start grounding yourself and being present because this is the work of warriors on all levels. Listen to radical black women who have been doing this work since before it was trending, and use your beautiful imaginations to envision the world you want to work towards.

Mereba Shot by Tatiana Katkova (Remotely taken/FaceTime)

What are some ways you think, us, as the black community can affect real positive change ?

I think there are so many ways. I only know some. Others know many. It could be shifting your routines so that you are only supporting black/independent businesses. So that you’re not putting your dollar towards companies that then use that dollar to support politicians working against you and supports the police.

That will take research but the information is out there. Teach one another from a loving place and not a place of condescension, everyone is in their own unique place as far as enlightenment goes, and that’s okay. It’s not an excuse to stay there, but wherever a fellow sister or brother is at is a fine starting point.

But I think most importantly, work on yourself. From the root, mind-body-spirit. If everyone genuinely does that, there’s already a revolution taking place. That is what we have complete control over. Do that everyday and hold yourself accountable.

As a musician what kind of “social impact” would you like your art to have ?

I just want to continue to help heal my people and people of all backgrounds. That means challenging them to grow through my music. To think, To be vulnerable and to also celebrate themselves. Reflect on how far they’ve come.

To question why things are the way they are… To demand more from themselves and other people. I’ve always been deeply affected by the illnesses that run rampant in this world. What I want to do is add spaces for healing back into it.


Remote/Facetime Photography by Tatiana Katkova @photo_tatianakatkova
Creative Direction by Paco Lampecinado @phoenixpac