If you are not already familiar with Asiyami Gold, you are doing yourself a big disservice. As an influencer with a booming digital-based business, Gold has carved out a life many covet from afar. Her fans from all corners of the world who follow her on Instagram get a peek inside her incredible journey. But as Gold turns 30 this year, she had a lot of reflecting to do.

In a Reel she posted on Instagram, she describes the life lessons she has learned from her 20s. As she exits into a new decade, she reflects on the women she wants to continue becoming as she moves forth in her life.

Never a person to shy away from being vulnerable with her fans, which is probably one of the reasons why her followers love her so much, Gold shares her intimate feelings around turning the big 3-0.

Read her very touching post below.

The caption reads,

“What is your takeaway from your 20s?”Seems to be the most prominent question people ask when one turns 30.

I instantly flashback to a moment in my early 20s: I had written down an extensive list of goals I wanted to accomplish in my 20s, but I had no clue how the dots would connect. I overwhelmed myself trying to make sense of the perceived destination, rather than enjoying the journey.

The last decade of my life has been spent carving out the woman I hoped to be by 30.
Here I am, at 30 living nothing short of a miracle. One of many lessons that have rung true to the last 10yrs, is that people are more interested in what you carry or embody, rather than who you are. When your gifts are evident, they make room for you in spaces you might never have envisioned.

In this next decade, rather than pursuing that notion of my ideal future self, I hope to live more in the present. I hope to bask in the gratitude of the woman that I am today, the woman I am at this very moment; to revel more in the gift of discovery and apply the truth that I’ve learned in my 20s towards building a robust present.

I’m grateful that my 20s will now and forever be of significance to my life’s story. The insight that I’ve gained over the past 10yrs will forever be indelible in my heart and will hopefully, one day, serve as a blueprint that I pass on to generations to come.

So here’s to 30! I’m still here, not because I’m great or because I deserve to be here, but because God is not done with me.
My prayer for this decade is a Luke 2:52 prayer- a wholistic growth in wisdom, stature and increase in favour with God and man.




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