She’s the friend who has the ability to make you feel like no matter what is going on, everything is going to be alright. Anna has the amazing ability to translate any idea and vision into a reality. She enjoys the challenge and the diversity that comes from working with new and emerging talent. She knew, early on, that she wanted to open her own boutique PR agency that will bring more to the table than others. 

“My aim was to open up an international consulting agency offering various services and specializing in business development, event production and public relations.” said Toure. Her career and multi-cultural background prepared her for her role today. Born in Vichy, France from a Senegalese father and Ivorian mother, Anna grew up in France, Senegal and Ivory Coast. She spent some of her college years in Germany after finally getting her masters in Communication and International Business from Blaise Pascal University in Clermont Ferrand, France. Her multinational upbringing cemented her introduction into the international scene with her fluency in multiple languages: French, English and German.

Credit Photo: Sean Waltrous

It was a natural growth, as she expanded from her PR branch into the consulting firm: AT Group, which focused on business development and event production. Toure believes all the services she offers are intertwined and work well together.

“ For example if as I was working with new clients, I found that most of them needed a stronger image. So branding became a necessity and while working on various projects, we found that it was easier for us to plan the events since we knew our clients’ vision” said Toure.

A typical day in the active life of Anna Toure is never the same.  If she’s not responding to emails, making phone calls and pitching, then she’s out attending marketing appointments, showing a new collection, assisting on fittings or coordinating photo shoots. She would not change it for anything. 

“ I like that multi-tasking aspect of my job, but to be honest I truly love what I do and that’s been the fuel that gets me going everyday.” Said Toure.  Being multicultural and multilingual play a pivotal role on how she runs her business. In her opinion it’s imperative for a company to be diverse in order to survive in the international scene. You need to have the ability to understand the different worlds and how to appropriately connect with people from different backgrounds.

Embrace new thinking! Hardwork and a positive attitude will always get
you noticed 

Anna Toure| PR is based in New York City, but operates in France, Senegal as well as Ivory Coast. When we brought up PR in Africa, Toure said that Africa is in the perfect climate for PR. With the market evolving, we see the emergence of PR. Interestingly enough, Africans don’t refer to PR in the same way France or America do. Communication and social media campaigns are part of a broader service called management.

Words of Wisdom:“ Embrace new thinking! Hardwork and a positive attitude will always get you noticed.” -Anna Toure.

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