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The G-spot injection


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To Your incense! Ready! Meditate!
Rhythm is in Africa


To Your incense! Ready! Meditate!

Yes, I too got into it ! It is for the mind and for our balance. You need to think about elevating your vibrations ! Positive energy for our well- being. The…

Rhythm is in Africa

Maxwell is an American (of Caribbean descent) singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. After receiving a keyboard at 17, the Brooklyn native began composing music. Heavily influenced by chart topping RnB of the…

Why superfoods are not enough to find your inner balance

If you have not been living in  a cave lately you may have heard about super foods and many of its benefits,  but while many people are focusing on feeding their bodies…

Joe Ouakam, an artist icon or artwork ?

Joe Ouakam, Iconic Artist or piece of art ? Joe was preparing his exhibition in Dakar while he was bedridden. Shortly before his death on April 25th, I met his friend Wasis…

The G-spot injection

The “G-Spot injection” is a treatment that is supposed to enhance sexual pleasure! According to the doctor I have consulted, 89% of women who have done it have experienced a dramatic enhancement…

Finding a Good Balance Between Your Husband and Your Child

It makes sense to ponder over the “wheel of happiness”. Where does it begin? Should we be satisfied of making our children happy? Or is it the happiness of our children that…