Introducing: The Unstoppable Laurence Basse!

We are excited to unveil our latest 1on1 Interview featuring the incredible Senegalese designer Laurence Basse!

Basse had an enlightening discussion with AFROPOLiTAiN’s co-founder and 1on1 Host Keziah Makoundou. They made a deep dive into Basse’s journey from runway model to fashion sensation. They discussed her time on ‘Project Runway,’ and how she was able to navigate the luxury industry as a Black designer.

Basse delved into how she was able to overcome life’s challenges with resilience, while not only balancing motherhood but also pursuing excellence in achieving her goals. She shared the unwavering determination that she had to have to push through and never give up on herself, her dreams and her future. This is definitely an inspiring conversation you don’t want to miss!

Watch the episode and interview below, and on Youtube.