Following the Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year, many have demanded that major corporations and institutions do more to advance diversity and inclusion within their business structures. Neiman Marcus announced this week that it will be adding to its premier beauty collection catering to women of color with an African-owned skincare brand, Yangu Beauty.

Zimbabwean entrepreneur Sipho Gumbo is the founder of Yangu Beauty and creates her products based on traditional Bantu beauty herbs used a lot in her culture. Her award-winning products all include plant-based ingredients that cater to women of color while implementing sustainable business practices.

Sipho Gumbo is the founder of Yangu Beauty

Gumbo hopes that the new partnership with Neiman Marcus will help expose her brand to new consumers looking for high-quality products that cater to their skin. “Our brand partnership with Neiman Marcus is a validation of our quality, luxurious products that can compete head-to-head with some of the most renowned brands on the market,” Gumbo stated in a press statement sent to black enterprise.

“To be added on the Neiman Marcus list is a great achievement that we are most certainly proud of. This means a lot especially for women of color to now have a complete product line of high quality — created especially for them and available in this luxury space for their shopping convenience. We are just so excited and ask that everyone supports us to stay at Neiman Marcus for the foreseeable future.” 

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