In a new campaign for Tiffany & Co., “About Love,” Jay-Z and Beyoncé put their modern love story on display. The ad features a series of intimate photos and videos that highlight the couple’s affection for each other. The stars embrace their love story through the expression of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired campaign that highlights the brand’s standout pieces. Most notably, Beyoncé dons one of the rarest yellow diamonds in the world, making her only the fourth person to have the honor of wearing the iconic jewel.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond has only been worn by four people. First, Mrs. E. Sheldon Whitehouse, who wore it at the Tiffany Ball in 1957. It was the only time the diamond had been worn at that time. The second person was Audrey Hepburn. She was honored to wear the jewel for publicity photos in promotion of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After that, in 2019, Lady Gaga wore the jewelry piece for the 91st Academy Awards. Now, this year, in 2021, Beyoncé has become the fourth person to wear the coveted jewel for Tiffany & Co.’s campaign “About Love,” featuring her and her husband Jay-Z.

via Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was discovered in South Africa in the Kimberley diamon mines. The 128.54-carat jewel is known to be one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world. Because of its cut and brilliance in color it is also acclaimed as one of the finest in the world as well.

In continuation of the brand’s promotions of their “About Love” campaign, Tiffany’s released a new short film entitled “Date Night.” The director used a Super 8 camera to capture the scenes. Watch the full video below, and look out for a cameo from a very special product of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s love affair.