Côte D’Ivoire Just Raised $6.4 Billion For Tourism, Here Are 5 Gorgeous Locales To Add To Your Travel Itinerary


Côte D’Ivoire is a gorgeous country, but many may not be aware of this fact because the growth of its tourism sector has been severely stunted. The turmoil the country has faced, as well as frequent terrorist and criminal activities have all attributed to limiting a tourist’s ability to move freely and safely about the country. According to the U.S. travel advisory, people should “exercise increased caution” when traveling to the country, especially near the northern border region because of terrorism. With concerns for their safety, tourists are unsure of whether or not they should take the risk to travel to the country, but Côte D’Ivoire, as a nation, is working to change this as soon as 2025.

With an injunction of $6.4 billion, the country strives to take their tourism sector to their third largest contributor to their economy. Right now, Côte D’Ivoire is the world’s number one producer of cocoa, as well as one of the top countries producing and exporting cashews. As they are working on a 5-year plan to increase the profitability of their cashew dominance, the country is working on increasing the impact of their tourism industry, as well. In an effort to attract foreign investors, hoteliers and travel and tour operations, Côte D’Ivoire raised the $6.4 billion to increase and attract tourists by 2025.

As they continue to build up their travel sector, here are 5 gorgeous places to consider adding to your future Ivory Coast travel itinerary.

1. Abidjan

Abidjan also known as “Manhattan of the Tropics,” “Small Manhattan,” or even the “Pearl of the Lagoons,” offers tourists a beautiful city scene along with the gorgeous beaches around the lagoon.

2. Grand Béréby

This coastal town has gorgeous seascapes and is located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Néro river. They have a beautiful resort here and while the tourism economy expands, there will surely be more gorgeous options in the future.

3. Assinie

Assinie is known as a resort coastal town. With the photos collected of this region, it is especially beautiful and popular among the wealthier residents of Côte D’Ivoire.

4. Man

Man is best known for its location between mountains and its popular hiking site La Dent de Man. Those tourists who have an even more adventurous can go as far as participating in rock climbing activities. In addition, the region also has a gorgeous waterfall that has become a well-known photo opportunity spot!

5. Parc National de Taï

Parc National de Taï or the Taï National Park is a very special place. It contains some of the last remaining rainforest land in West Africa. With its gorgeous lush vegetation and its shelter for many animals including 5 threatened species of mammals (pygmy hippopotamus, olive colobus monkeys, leopards, chimpanzees and Jentink’s duiker), the park has been visited by many in hopes of getting a glimpse of the primates and other members of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat.

As Côte D’Ivoire begins to create a more robust tourism industry, we hope to see increased visits to this region as well as more coverage of this gorgeous landscapes by travel sites, bloggers, influencers and more!


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