This year, Lagos Fashion Week has been described as the best so far. After taking a hit due to the pandemic, it was difficult to see how organizers would build back the momentum it was on course to create. Eniafe Momodu, one of the attendees at the fashion event, told Vogue Business, “this has been the best Lagos Fashion Week that I’ve been to.” The structure of the event is set up similarly to that of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week brand. Many of the production elements from casting to venue and set design, are all done in-house with teams from Lagos Fashion Week. Designers may choose to hold off-venue, off-Lagos Fashion Week branded shows that allow designers to have more creative freedom.

British-Nigerian fashion writer and creative consultant, Eniafe Momodu, added to her previous comment, saying, “while the main runways are always amazing, it’s nice seeing more established designers braking away and doing their own show because it gives them the opportunity to curate something that is a bit more specific to their vision, and have more creative control in terms of set designs, audience, models, lighting, etc. Those little details that really can make all the difference.”

Whether designers chose to show directly with Lagos Fashion Week or on their own, it is evident that this year continues to show growth. Although the numbers are not quite back to their pre-pandemic statistics, they are on the rise from last year’s 3,900 guests to this year’s 4,400. Press increased, more influencers were in attendance, as well as distinguished photographers.

Here are some of the looks that were highlighted at this year’s showcase event.

Elie Kuame’s SS24 Collection

Phiillz and Poizn’s SS24 Collection

“Threads of Continuity” by Lulla House SS24 Collection

See Adama Paris’s designs here.