For many years considered optional, taking care of your skin is essential for men, assuming you want to look good and fight the signs of aging. During the cold months, our needs change and our skin requires specific care. External aggressions change or intensify — pollution, tightness, dryness, lack of brightness, wrinkles. To have beautiful skin all year round, some simple steps will help according to the seasons:

1) Everything starts from within.

While summer is favorable for water-rich fruits, light salads, and smoothed kombucha, winter is a season when we tend to comfort ourselves with rich and warm dishes.

Before treating your skin with any cosmetics, don’t forget that everything starts from within. If you want beautiful skin in winter, drink enough water, eat a healthy diet, and only occasionally have a cheat meal! Do some exercise and supplement your diet with food supplements rich in vitamin C for energy and vitamin D to make up for the lack of sun.

2) Protect your most sensitive skin from cold and aging.

Gentlemen, did you know the most sensitive parts of our bodies beyond our face are our hands and neck? It seems comforting sometimes to have your hands damaged to show our virility, but applying a good moisturizer and repairing cream helps to preserve the youthful appearance of our hands.

As for our neck, we tend to be negligent. Here is a tip: start by applying your skincare products to your neck and work your way up to your face with simple movements:

  • For the neck, go from bottom to top so the neck skin is not pulled.
  • For the face, start from the inside and then go to the outside.

3) A, B3, C, D, and E vitamins are your friends.

When winter arrives, you lose brightness, and accumulate chapped skin and a feeling of tightness. During the day, using antioxidant treatments based on vitamins C and E provides a unifying, balancing, anti-aging, and protective action against free radicals and pollution. These vitamins act together like best friends. A food supplement containing vitamin D helps to overcome deficiencies.

At night, vitamin B3 or niacinamide will reduce acne and dilated pores, all while unifying your complexion. They can be combined with vitamin A or retinol, which stimulate collagen.

4) Moisturize and keep your skin hydrated.

Moisturizing your skin means using skincare products that penetrate the first layer of the skin, “the epidermis.” Conversely, sealing the hydration means applying a thicker treatment, often richer in oil, which will create a protective barrier that reduces the evaporation of water from your skin.

5) Be happy.

Above all, winter and changing temperatures should not hurt your feelings. You must be positive no matter what time of year and enjoy the gifts of nature. Always look on the bright side of life; it’s the beginning of happiness.