Idris elba is doing ok after testing positive for covid-19 and urges people to stop spreading conspiracy theories


Idris Elba made news over the last few days after testing positive for the Covid-19 , the Novel Corona Virus. Days after testing positive, Idris is still asymptomatic and has remained quarantined in his home. Over the last few days, conspiracy theories have emerged about the root of the Coronavirus causing miss-information and doubt about what causes the virus and how to protect yourself moving forward. Even, R&B Singer Keri Hilson got into the mix spreading a debunked rumor that 5g Phone service was responsible for the spread of the virus. She was even forced to take her posts down on twitter as her opinion spread large hysteria around the cause of the virus.

Idris took this opportunity to urge people to stay safe , but also to not buy into many of the theories spreading online about the Coronavirus.

Watch his entire video below.


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