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Portraits of women with graphic drapes, elegant couples, and pure-lined landscapes bathed in serene light — My Beautiful Africa (MBA), a 2.0 gallery mainly dedicated to contemporary art photography, invites us on an aesthetic and sensory journey, meeting an Africa full of modernity and creativity.

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My Beautiful Africa got its start on Instagram in 2017. Founder and CEO Maymouna Dembele struggled to find an account that displayed the specificities of her dual culture; between her expectations as a city dweller accustomed to Parisian life, and her roots, which deeply connect her to Africa, a continent that continues to evolve and innovate.

That inspired Dembele to create an Instagram account, showcasing the modern, dynamic, and innovative side of Africa, and highlighting the work of contemporary artists valorising the continent.

Four years later, My Beautiful Africa has 187,000 followers, and Dembele became a scout for emerging artists — including Tse Ernest Chi, Kassie, Fede Kortez, and Godiva Omoruyi — in ongoing research via social networks. She carefully chooses artworks that capture the beauty of a moment, a silhouette, a body. Light, composition, colours — everything has been sifted through. Especially as the artists look to translate the modernity of Africa in a visual way.

Maymouna Dembele, gallery owner 2.0

Following these aesthetic and human encounters, Dembele took on the role of a 2.0. gallery owner. My Beautiful Africa carries out the missions of traditional art merchants: to select, sublimate, and promote works to art lovers and collectors.

DEMBELE Maymouna

Her goal? To bring contemporary African photography into living rooms, apartments, and houses. The MBA difference? Everything happens online. This encourages discovery, democratization, and dialogue around the artists of My Beautiful Africa.

Make sure to check out My Beautiful Africa’s website,, and follow the Instagram account @mybeautifulafrica__ for your daily dose of inspiration.


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