Peek Inside Naomi Campbell’s Villa On The Coast Of The Indian Ocean In Kenya

Supermodel and the Fashion Industry’s icon Naomi Campbell granted access to her Kenyan mansion for all to see. The exclusive tour took place this year in April with an entire shoot shot by Architectural Digest. The exclusive home exploration included a guided tour hosted by none other than the exquisite model herself. Her gorgeous home has spectacular views of the Indian Ocean with a unique design that showcases her particular style and high caliber taste.

via Architectural Digest

Below she takes viewers on a sashay around her home, pointing to her favorite highlights. Calling her home “a very calming place,” she feels at peace in her abode, away from everything. As a very highly in-demand model in her field and a respected representative in her industry, she finds her home to be a refuge from all her obligations. Watch as she takes viewers to another place, a place that highlights (what some would call) the very best Kenya has to offer.

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