Sadio Mane donates to his home country of Senegal to help combat covid-19 – coronavirus


Liverpool standout Sadia Mane is once again giving back to his homeland. This time his efforts are to assist in the preparation and potential fight with the Global spread of Covid-19 , better known as the Corona Virus.

Late last year in the Wuhan district of China, a Upper Lung virus broke out with cases of Pneumonia being reported within a condensed population. After several conflicting stories, news of virus began to spread as citizens traveled outside of the Wuhan district. The spread of the virus hit Iran, parts of Europe and even caused the complete shutdown of Italy.

The spread , however has taken it’s time to get to Africa with few reported cases. It seems now that 26 African nations have cases of Coronavirus to the Pandemic has reached the continent.

Mane’s contribution to Senegal is a generous 45,000 euros showing his true connection to his people. We salute you, Sadio Mane.


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