Serge Ibaka Celebrated the Toronto Raptors’s Championship Win in Style.


Last night the Toronto Raptors took home their very first NBA title after defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. For the audience, the season’s dramatic finish was thrilling—Raptors superfan Drake has been particularly enthusiastic about the win—but for the players it held a special significance.

A milestone victory that cements the franchise’s place in history, it was cause for celebration: and power forward Serge Ibaka enjoyed the moment in style, by updating his Instagram with a post-game dance in a Heron Preston sweatshirt and track pants.

As one of the most fashion-forward players in the NBA, Ibaka has consistently been ahead of the curve with his style. Throughout the playoffs, he arrived to games in dapper custom suits or wide brim hats by Nick Fouquet, turning the pre-game into a showcase for the best in menswear. Whether that meant an embroidered Valentino jacket at Eastern Conference semifinals back in May, or Chanel’s take on the sweatshirt later that same week, Ibaka always keeps things interesting.

His latest outfit might offer a more relaxed take on his personal look, but after bringing home a championship, he’s more than earned a casual Friday.

Credit: Vogue world.


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