➡️ The excess of the #metoo movement and harassment claims. Black with Sugar Podcast10 ➡️ This week’s episode is spicy 😝 !!! Keziah and Nadia tackle an uncomfortable conversation about the #metoo movement and its excesses. They reflect on the harassment and sexual assault claims made against prominent journalists, politicians and men in general. ➡️ Without undermining the reality or the gravity of sexual assault and sexual harassment they denounce the vilification of men, the “witch hunt” and “cancel culture” sparked by the movement. ➡️ They stress that the movement has led to campaigns of public accusations sometimes lacking serious evidence which have portrayed innocent people as sex offenders without giving them a chance to defend themselves. The American justice system is based on the premise of innocent until proven guilty. ⁉️Is the #metoo movement going too far? Will it affect our interactions with the opposite sex 🚻 ? Are we changing the dynamics of the relationship between men and women forever?