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Vanessa Mdee is a trailblazer, entertainer from Tanzania representing love and light and positive vibrations. At least this is how she introduces herself.

The lady does not lack a sense of humour and rhythm, maybe that is why she went from singing at church at the age of 3 to being a VJ for VH1 and MTV and then back to music distilling progressive bongo flavor in afropop. She goes by the name V money from the days she was so eager to make music that she would collaborate with anybody for free. One day, she decided it was time to put an end to that. Is not money associated with quality? She is now a strong figure of the booming african scene going on stage with Sauti Saul in NYC, launching her debut album in march and touring across Europe and Asia right after that.

Vanessa confesses being inspired by the 90’s: TLC, SWV, BIG, Pac, NAS… She’s also influenced by great african artists Angélilque Kidjo, Salif Keita or Koffi Olomide. But now is time for Africa to shine, the world is ready. Internet has transformed it into such a small place that you can listen and share your music despite borders, leading her to One african fest. V money’s first major scene in America with an amazing crowd composed of 15000 souls. Just as excited and reactive as back home. The path was not as easy as it seems even though she considered herself as an artist, she is first and foremost a woman which is most of the time very challenging. Guys can get up and go but girls have to take care of their whole image. They must sing well, speak well, dance well but also look good with their hair, nails, make up and dress on point. They have to, they need to maintain and basically multitasking. Therefore she has a sweet spot for fashion, especially young african designers, who according to her are eclectic, fun with a twist of street style. What a love declaration! No misunderstanding, she likes her uniqueness, therefore she is reluctant to see everybody wear her garment. Nonetheless, she is a fan of collaborative effort from one artist to another one. To the point of standing the test of time. “We put them in videos so that’s a capsule.”

Kill them with your greatness and strive to be the best yourself. Go out there and be the change for Africa

Our last word for the youth is to forget negativity. ”kill them with your greatness and strive to be the best yourself. Go out there and be the change for Africa”.

Damned, what a strong lady!

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