It is difficult to imagine the world of tennis without the Williams Sisters. They have carved out their own historic path to tennis stardom from a road that didn’t exist for them. Their dad, the figure behind Will Smith’s character in the film King Richard, had the vision for it all. Smith discusses the film, calling it, “a movie about family.” He goes on to say that “[this] is a movie about belief. This is a movie about love and triumph… The story of Richard and the story of this family is a big part of the American dream.”

One of the producers, Trevor White adds to the conversation. “We think about Venus and Serena Williams today, they’re these global superstars… But what we don’t often think about is what they had to overcome to become these women.”

This pivotal film highlights the true story of how Venus and Serena Williams’ dad fought for their opportunities to become who they are today. Watch the powerful trailer below.


Featured Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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