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14 Reasons Why AFROPOLITAiN Cover Male Boris Kodjoe Is The Quintessential Man

11. Coming in close to the end of our list is this rare adorable video Boris posted of his wife Nicole because he thought it was too cute not to share. These two show that being vulnerable is maybe the best gift you can give your partner, so do not skimp on these moments, and instead increase them, they are memories in the making.

“Hey @nicoleariparker, remember when you filmed me wishing you a happy anniversary while on the toilet, and you said it was so ‘cute because it was real’? Well you looked so ‘REAL CUTE’ on the boat today when you were so gracefully sliding your body into the water, I just had to share it WITH THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! #ImJustGoingInAlittleBitAtATime
#MyFeetAreGoingToGetCutByTheMotor #ICantSeeTheBottom
#BlackFolkInTheBlackForest #ButSheIsMichaelPhelpsIfYouAskHer
#IswimAllTheTime #IloveSwimmingInNature #ImNotAPoolKindaGirl #ImLikeAFishInTheWater #JustGiveMeABodyOfWaterAndImHappy #IcanSwimForHours #IDiveForDays #IWasBornInTheWater #AquaManWasReallyMyLifeStory

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