At Work: The Bun

At work: the bun

This hairstyle is one of the most appropriate one at work. It looks polished and flawless. That is why it is also appropriate for a wedding and other official events. You can wear a bun in summer as well as in winter. In winter, you protect your stresses from cold and contact with scarves and other clothes. In summer, you can try new variations where your hair is freer.

Here’s the secret to the perfect bun: don’t try to do a perfect one! Start with stretching your hair, for example with a blowout. You have to keep some volume but also the control of your hair. Then, proceed in two steps: first the low part, then fix it with bobby pins.

Then, work on the top of the head depending on your face, your shape, and the effect you want. If you wear glasses, wear them at this moment because they may change the way your hairstyle looks. There’s an infinity of variations!

Afro Puff Day Look

Day look : Afro puff
Day look : Afro puff

The afro puff is a simple hairstyle for the weekends, for shopping or for days without meetings at work. It is ideal for summer because in winter this hairstyle would expose your tresses too much. The secret to this hairstyle is curls’ definition.

To get an afro puff done quickly apply this simple method: spray your hair with a mix of water and oil or a curl activating leave in. As your hair get soft and manageable, maintain it with an extensible hair rubber band, not too tight. To pimp up this hairstyle, you can use accessories, like a wax headband from Kipe.

The Joker: Flat Twists or Braids

The joker: flat twists or braids
The joker: flat twists or braids

That’s a very practical hairstyle as you can let oils and other creams in your hair in the day, without people noticing. This hairstyle is worn by children or under wigs. To get it work appropriate, forget classical styles and work on the geometry of your braids. The hairstyle has to look unconventional and stylish and to highlight your face. Forget the braids that just go from the top to the bottom of the head and dare geometrical lines.

Don’t think about it too much. Mostly the best hairstyles are the random ones. Start with a braid, then another, and let the inspiration come to you on the way.

Realize your twist so that the volume is on top and use a cream to ensure moisturizing and shine, like Twist Defining Cream from As I Am. Bonus: at the end of the week you will be able to achieve a great twist/braid out.

Night out : Afro

Night out : Afro

Moisturize your hair deeply to obtain healthy, shiny, bouncy curls. Bath your hair in oil the day before or once a week, keeping it on at night. You may want to use the Mix’ Oil from Crazy Pouss, as it is a mix of the 21 best 100% natural oils for our hair. It does not grease or smell and is easy to apply. After your shampoo, use a moisturizing leave in or a curl activator and let your hair dry naturally. You can get more curls definition with a wash and go (applying hair gel on each tresses) or letting your hair dry in twists.

Elongating shrinked hair is easy: spray your hair with a mix of water with oil and realize a pineapple. Get dressed and do your make up. After one hour, release your hair.