Since the beginning of June until now, many countries in Africa have gradually begun to reopen schools. After several months of being at home, students, and learning online, parents are set to get their kids back in school. We are sure there is a little paranoia surrounding the thought of that. We have some back to school tips for the parents as the lockdown ends.

Prepare Them For The Difference

This is for the primary and secondary students. Because it’s business unusual in a pandemic make sure that your child is emotionally prepared to school being different. Explain why they won’t be able to hug their friend in the morning, share a desk with them or touch/borrow any of their items.

Get Clarity From The School

Even though your child is going back to school- this will be far from usual back to school due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the department of education may have outlined what the plans are for getting the kids back to school and what the guidelines for safety should be. However, as a parent also enquire with your school and understand how they will be operating on the ground.

Speak To The Transport Provider

If you will not be transporting your child to school daily ensure that you get clarity from your service provider. Enquire on how they will be implementing social distancing and hygiene measures to lessen the risk of spread in their trips.

Set a Routine

Start treating the day as if it’s a normal school day, get them up early, ready and dressed as if they are already leaving  the house. Align their eating habits with school breaks.

Reinforce Hand-washing/Sanitising Rituals

At home, you’re able to monitor how often your kids are washing their hands but this will not be the case when they go back to school. Creating a fun ritual, like having a handwash/sanitise alarm (that’s the tune of your favourite song) as a way to remind them to do it even when they are away from you at school.

Need help explaining the Corona Virus to your children in detail so they understand that their safety is paramount? Here’s a video that may help.

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