4 herbs that Will help you Turn on Your Libido

If you haven´t been in the mood for sex in 30 moons or more, chances are you are under the low sex drive influence, which is a condition that affects more women than you may think.

Anywhere from 36-50 percent of women are affected by low sex drive and that number is difficult to pin down because many are not honest about the condition, said Selena Zanetti, an M.D. and OB-GYN at Cleveland Clinic.

Women’s sexual desires may naturally change over the years. Dry sex seasons go hand-in-hand with the end of a relationship, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, stress, and physical or mental illness. Some medications for mood disorders can also provoke a lack of interest in sexual activity.

Although men and women have different sex drive frequencies, in a heterosexual relationship, women tend to have the lower libido, according to research from the Journal of the American Medical Association. This problem can cause tension between partners and put relationships, health, and feelings at stake.

The good news is that this condition is treatable, visiting a doctor and supplementing your diet with the following herbs may help to bring the mojo back to your sex life.



Known as “Peruvian ginseng” and apparently is the new sex superfood. Maca helps with fatigue and mood swings, and some experts say it also has aphrodisiac qualities. It is usually recommended to women who suffer from hormonal problems, or want to treat menopause symptoms and effects. Try Maca in your tea, smoothies, or porridge to start enjoying its positive effects.

Tongkat Ali


This is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world. It grows in Malasia, Indonesia, Birmania, and Thailand. The root of Tongkat Ali is known for increasing sexual desire of men and women. Glycoproteins seem to be the agents responsible for its sexual boosting properties. You can consume Tongkat Ali capsules (they’re a bit bitter) or make an herbal tea with its roots to bring excitement to your sex life.



The nutmeg is the sexy spice that grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Caribbean, Tanzania, and Southern India. This exotic ingredient is normally used to cook and spice up some dishes, drinks, and even your bedroom because it elevates your mood, imitates serotonin effects (which promote relaxation), and helps increase sexual desire. It can also help give you glowing skin, improve your brain health, eliminate bad breath, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation. Sprinkling some nutmeg in your cereal, coffee, cookies, or spice cakes can be an exciting way to enjoy this women’s viagra and bring your sex game to the next level.



They are indigenous to Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and some areas of East Africa. Apart from their endless health benefits (they facilitate digestion; have anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties; and boost your immune system), cloves help increase sex drive. Cloves heat up your body, stimulate your sexual organs, increase your sexual fire, and heat up your sexual energy. Massage your body with clove oil; add some drops in hot chocolate, ice cream, and smoothies; or combine the spice with cinnamon to stimulate a sexual attraction.


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