The melting pot of Africa’s Giant, Lagos, Nigeria, is a never-ending supply of raw talent. The country’s entertainment industry bustles with fresh energy drawing out the spotlight. Among the stars on a quest for greatness are women of all ages who go against all odds to mark their place in the male dominated industry. Striding into the limelight is a self-taught, all female afro-ballet dance crew, neutrally going by the name The Collective Team.

All between the ages of 18 and 21, the five young women of The Collective Team are students, multifaceted creatives, entrepreneurs and highly motivated, versatile dancers.
In a world that often shoots down the dreams of women, The Collective Team funds their creative endeavors through small businesses like home-based catering, fashion design, makeup artistry, nail artistry and acting.

Unafraid to twirl through the grime and dust, The Collective Team represents the relentless Spirit of women in Lagos, Nigeria, fighting for industry recognition as they join forces with allies passionate about the same goal.

Bella Alubo

Top Nigerian Female Music Artist, Bella Alubo

Afro-pop artist, Bella Alubo recently donated a single to the non-governmental charity, Red Hot Org, to help provide healthcare for women and young girls in Nigeria. In the video for her most recent release, “Another Level,” Bella Alubo goes on to share her platform with The Collective Team as they make their music video debut.

The song is produced by Abuja-born Oluwatobi Shogbanmu/Shwoff and video shot by Jos-born Jesse Anaobi in Lagos.

Speaking on the song, Bella Alubo says, “young women where I’m from are like a minority of a minority of a minority. Every girl working towards her dreams is a queen to me.”

Their performance is fitting as Bella sings;

dancing queen,
in her dream,
counting green,
seven rings…

The rustic visuals capture the dancers’ elemental essence as they perform expressive routines and solos, ripping their tights in the heat, and wearing their natural hair crowns. Dressed in nude palette outfits that complement their rich skin tones, each dancer wears an eyeshadow color from the rainbow, demonstrating individuality while visually communicating as a group.

Meet each of the dancers below:


Boluwatife Oniya

“My name is Boluwatife Oniya. I am from Ondo state. I’m a student of The Society Of Performing Arts in Nigeria, and I am a versatile dance Artist. I also run a fast food business.”


Oluwatola Oluwaseyi Marvelous


“My name is Oluwatola Oluwaseyi Marvelous. I am from Oyo state. I am 19 yrs old. A student of the University of Lagos. Department of creative arts, studying theatre arts. I am a contemporary. I’m also a writer (poems, drama, song and prose) and fashion designer.”

Osuwa Oluwafeyisayo Victoria

“I’m Osuwa Oluwafeyisayo Victoria. I am from Ondo state, and I am 21-years-old. I’m a student of the University of Lagos, Department of Creative Arts, studying in the Theatre unit. I’m a dancer and a choreographer, but alongside I’m a makeup artist.”

Adeshina Wuraola Deborah

“My name is Adeshina Wuraola Deborah. I am from Lagos state, I am 18-years-old. I am a dance artiste, I dance ballet, contemporary and afro… I also teach afro, I sing as well, and I am a nail technician.”


Oki Mercy Toyosi

“My name is Oki Mercy Toyosi, I am from Edo state, I am 21-years-old, a student of Tai Sholanrin University, Department of History and Diplomatic Study. I am a contemporary dancer, actor, singer, hair stylist, and a fashion designer.”


The Collective Team and Bella Alubo are a glimpse at the bright future of Nigerian women in entertainment.

Stream Another Level here: