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Handcrafted by African artisans of Ivory Coast, the “Djroko” Collection captures the essence of African traditional culture and spiritual beliefs. Made of Akan gold weight  ornaments, each design is a delicate statement piece. Meticulously crafted to represent sacred geometry, symbol and animal totem with meanings that only initiates can decipher and believed to bestow wealth and power to its carrier.

The origin of the “gold Akan weight”:

The Akan gold weights takes its name from “The Akan “people, a large ethnic group in West Africa, present in many countries such as Ivory Coast, Togo and Ghana and divided into many tribes most well known as Fantis, Ashantis, Baoulés, Agnis, Abrons, Ebrié…etc.

The Akan weights were used as a unit of measure to weight gold and merchandise since the 13th century until the end of the 19th century when they were replaced by paper money and coins…Known as "Akan Weights" or sometimes “ Baoulé weights”,they are small bronze and brass figurines plated with gold.

All these weights were jealously kept in families passed on from generation to generation and represented the symbols of their wealth, knowledge and power. Akan gold weights depicted symbols and proverbs used to communicate coded message, accepted truth and practical advice. They were and are still until today being worn as charms to cure, protect and bring luck the beholder. 

Example of a meaning:
For example, the elephant weight refers to the proverbial saying, "one who follows the track of the elephant never gets wet from the dew on the bushes." This suggests that the safest place to find oneself is behind the protective influence of a chief.

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