Afropolitain Magazine is the premiere magazine for the African Diaspora. For Issue 6, we decided to celebrate Black American History by putting two African Americans who are in touch with their true roots on the cover. For the Men’s side we chose Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder and for the women’s side, we chose Ebonee Davis.

Davis, experienced Africa for the first time taking a trip last year to Ghana. See below from Vogue. We are excited to have Ebonee Davis as the women’s cover for the magazine.

For Davis, whose ancestors were taken to the U.S. by the Atlantic slave trade, this trip offered the chance to connect with her roots and reclaim the heritage her family had been denied. “As a black person living in America, I’ve often felt disconnected from a sense of identity, or I’ve felt like I’ve had to take on an identity that was given to me,” she said. “Our culture prior to slavery was unknown to me; it was erased. I wanted to go back to the motherland, so I could begin to put the pieces together and discover for myself.” Her journey coincided with a painful anniversary: 400 years since the first recorded landing of a slave ship, in Point Comfort, Virginia, which began the Middle Passage, the forcible transport of enslaved Africans and the start of a shared and tragic history that would change the lives of millions. In Ghana, the event was marked as the “Year of Return,” an initiative endorsed by the country’s president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, that gave those connected with the diaspora a chance to address their past head-on, while experiencing the nation and its singular beauty.