It doesn’t take Aladdin’s lamp to actualize your intentions. Rather, it takes strong visualization, followed by some action and commitment to manifest what you want in your life, whether that’s to be in love, to have financial freedom or inner peace, or to go on a getaway to the Bahamas.

What you focus on grows by being aware of what you really want. Therefore, turning your focus singularly to that thing will make your desires come to life at the right time. There is a real struggle, but with some discipline and motivation, YOU CAN DO IT!

Here are five steps that will help you manifest and unleash your intentions:

FEEL IT COMING. Emotions feed your desires, so whenever you have an intention, you have to support it with the right emotions. Taking responsibility for how you feel will allow you to align yourself with what you want. Despite the struggles, always chose the right attitude. In this way, you will see the big picture and won’t be a prisoner of drowning emotions.

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PROJECT IT. Visualize your intentions. The more you mentally visualize something, the more likely you will feel motivated to pursue what you are longing for. Your mind is a powerful tool, generating electrical impulses that can reach twenty-five watts — enough energy to light a bulb! “The mind is everything, what you think you become.”

UNLOCK YOUR CHAKRAS. Vital energy is divided in the form of seven chakras, that are situated in different parts of the body. From the base of the spine to the top of your head. If those centers of energy get blocked, whether by pain, past traumas, or limiting beliefs, you won’t flow properly toward your intentions. You are the co-creator of your reality and the captain of your soul, but if you´re disconnected from your true nature, none of your desires will flourish.

ELEVATE YOUR VIBRATION. The only way to materialize your intentions is to vibrate higher daily to align yourself with what you want. If your vibes are low, your intentions won’t manifest because you won’t be in-tune with them. Stay away from toxic energy of any kind and surround yourself with people who want to see you win.

TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE. Believe that what you have asked is going to be handled at the right moment. Because things come when you need them, not when you want them. So don’t make it happen, just let it happen, because the universe has your back.

Disengage yourself from the anxiety attached to a burning desire. Do your part but let your desire breathe, flow, grow, and evolve. Set it free and trust that it will be delivered to you because you own it.